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KetoCon Austin 2023 / Entrepreneur Mastermind

Want to start a Wellness Business? Already have one, but want advice from Business veterans?

Successful business owners will lead this special mastermind session, sharing their insights and strategies to help start or grow your business.

This session is so popular—it sells out every year!

Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to grab a good seat—we’ll have the hot coffee waiting for you.

You won’t believe how fast the time flies by! Be prepared for a completely engaging session!


Note: The Entrepreneur Mastermind Session is available ONLY to KetoCon 2023 ticket holders and is offered as part of the registration process.


Meet our Panel of Entrepreneurs

Judy Cho

Judy Cho is board certified in holistic nutrition and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and holds a Psychology and Communications degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Judy is the author of Carnivore Cure, the ultimate elimination diet.

Dorian Greenow

Discovering the ketogenic lifestyle was life-changing for Dorian. As founder of Keto-Mojo and the Ketogenic Foundation, Dorian and his team are committed to providing the tools, resources, and education to empower metabolic change on a global scale for the health of humankind!

Phillip Meece

Phillip Meece was a Combat Medic who served in Afghanistan. Through this experience he and learned first-hand, the cost of antibiotics and preservatives on battlefield readiness and the health of his soldiers. Using ancient traditions to solve the issues he experienced, Phillip launched The Carnivore Bar, a company that produces a modern day pemmican bar.

Jonathan Mendoza

An Austin native, Nurse Doza has been studying nutrition and its effects on our health for over 15 years. He founded MSW Health Lounge, MSW Nutrition and How Do YOU Health? where groundbreaking health & wellness are the norm.

Adam Schaeuble

Adam Schaeuble is a full time podcaster, podcasting business consultant, and the host of the top ranked podcast: Podcasting Business School. Adam helps frustrated podcasters to stop hearing crickets and start making money..even without sponsors or a giant audience.

Robert Sikes

Robert Sikes is a lifetime natural competitive bodybuilder, earning his pro card in 2017 while following a strict ketogenic diet. His mission is to empower others to believe in themselves and truly tap into their full potential by optimizing their body and mind.

Sylwia Tabor

Sylwia Tabor is a self-experimenter who is on a mission of finding new ways and rediscovering ancestral ways of achieving optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health while helping others along the way. After years on a vegan diet and struggles with mold illness (aka CIRS) she found healing through the carnivore diet. Her passion for high quality food and supporting local businesses led her to creating Carnivore Snax.