KetoCon Austin 2023 / Wellness Centric Events, All Weekend Long

Show Hours 

*The Exhibitor Hall is open all day, every day. 

Friday, April 21st — 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
VIP Dinner* begins at 7:00 pm


Saturday, April 22nd — 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Entrepreneur Mastermind Session* opens at 6:45 am and will begin at 7:00 am


Sunday, April 23rd — 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Presentation Schedule

Last minute changes can sometimes happen during the event! To be sure you don't miss anything, we recommend purchasing a 3-Day Full Conference Pass and a Virtual Replay Pass to watch the presentations you might miss.

Friday, April 21

Time Main Stage Breakout 1 Breakout 2 VIP Breakout* Networking Lounge Podcast Booth
8:30amRegistration/Check-In Open 
Expo Hall OpenThe Exhibitor Hall will be open all day with access to all vendor booths.
9:30amOpening Ceremonies 
9:45 - 11:00amSuccess Stories PanelPeople from various backgrounds, who have addressed serious health conditions with nutrition, answer audience questions.Panelists: Brett Ender, Maggie Jones, Freddie Kimmel, Tammie Laubacher, Adam SchaeubleErin PowerWorkshop (3 Part): Launch Your Health Coaching Business
11:10-11:50 amCatharine ArnstonUnravel the Mystery of Keto and Mitochondrial Health with AlgaeDr. Donald VegaBreaking Free From Self SabotageMary RobertsFood Addiction, Recovery and FreedomBen AzadiQ & A with VIPsThe Health Detective Podcast 
12:00-12:40 pmSally NortonOxalate Awareness: The Missing Piece For Solving Our Health StrugglesRob BesnerNature and Ancestral Wisdom for Optimal Health and PerformanceDanielle HamiltonOptimize Your Gut & Digestion on KetoDr. Mindy PelzMeet & Greet
12:50-1:30 pmDr. Annette BosworthSizing Up Cholesterol on KetoMollie Eastman (McGlocklin)Circadian Health: Why It's The Next Big Thing In WellnessMicah LoweOzone Therapy For Chronic Disease
1:40-2:20pmReed DavisOvercome Unwanted Health Symptoms For Yourself and Your ClientsMartha CarlinHow Gut Health Impacts Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Output, And KetosisJonathan ShaneIndividual Keto: How to do keto for YOUR individual needsThe Health Hustle Podcast 
2:30-3:10pmMatt GallantKetogenic Strategies for Health, Aesthetics and PerformanceMike CollinsSugar and Carb Addiction - Are they sabotaging your ketogenic success?Kristin WeitzelYour Comfort Zone Will Kill You: The Benefits of Deliberate Cold ExposureKara CollierVIP Q & AThe Health Hustle Podcast 
3:20-4:00pmAmitay EshelThe Skin As A Driver Of Whole-Body AgingTammie LaubacherNutritional Ketosis For The Level YOUR Body Requires To HealDr. Susan Wadia-EllsMeet & GreetThe Meat Mafia Podcast 
4:10 pmClosing Comments 
4:30-6:00pmExhibitor Hall Activities Carnivore For Women PanelMeat-focused female speakers hold a group discussion on the intricacies of the carnivore diet for womenPanelists:Elizabeth Bright, Judy Cho, Dani Conway, Laura Spath, Dr. Lisa WiedemanAdam SchaeubleHow to monetize your health podcast without sponsors
7:00-9:00pmVIP Dinner 

Saturday, April 22

Time Main Stage Breakout 1 Breakout 2 VIP Breakout* Networking Lounge Podcast Booth
7:00-8:30amEntrepreneur MastermindSuccessful business owners share their insights and strategies.Panelists: Judy Cho, Dorian Greenow, Phillip Meece, Jonathan Mendoza, Adam Schaeuble, Robert Sikes, Sylwia Tabor
8:30amRegistration/Check-In Open 
Expo Hall OpenThe Exhibitor Hall will be open all day with access to all vendor booths.
9:30 amOpening Ceremonies 
9:45 - 11:00 amRegenerative Farming PanelPanelists: Brett Ender, Harrison Gray, Dr. Anthony Gustin, Phillip Meece, Samuel Moffett, John Pantalone, Weldon & Ann WarrenPriming, Feasting and FastingThe Steak and Butter Gang team shares their strategy for carnivore successPanelists:Raymond Nazon, Emily HarveauxErin PowerWorkshop (3 Part): Launch Your Health Coaching BusinessWELLPOWER Podcast 
11:10-11:50amAncient Healing Strategies to Reduce Inflammation & Reboot Your Metabolism Panelists: Ben Azadi, Dr. Mindy PelzIleka FaletteWork Less, Make More, Feel BetterJessi CushenberryHow to Stoke Your Metabolic Fire With Weight Training - For BeginnersThe Health Detective Podcast 
12:00 -12:40pmDr. Patrick PorterLight, Sound & Vibration the Ultimate Brain HackDr. Bill and Christina SchindlerThe Modern Stone Age Household: Making An Ancestral Diet Work In Today’s WorldDr. Susan Wadia-EllsWhy One Woman Develops Breast Cancer, While Another Will NotDr. Annette BosworthQ & A with VIPsBen AzadiMeet & GreetThe Meat Mafia Podcast 
12:50-1:30pmDr. Anna CabecaTroubleshooting Keto For WomenChef James BarryEasing Into Organ MeatsTemple StewartLow Carb and Ketogenic Protocols for Thyroid DisordersSusan BrattonMeet & GreetThe Meat Mafia Podcast 
1:40-2:20Kashif KhanHacking Your DNADr. Nick BitzNewest Aging Science: SenolyticsDr. Robert KiltzKeto, Carnivore and FertilityDr. Bill and Christina SchindlerMeet & GreetPederson's Farms - Powered By Protein 
2:30-3:10pmDr. Stephen HusseyWhy Cancer of the Heart is So Rare: The Quantum HeartJonathan MendozaOptimizing the Liver - Neuro ConnectionNathalie NiddamBioregulator Peptides: A Powerful Longevity Tool Straight From NatureDr. Ken BerryQ & A with VIPsPederson's Farms - Powered By Protein 
3:20-4:00pmDr. Kevin StockMeat Mouth: Clues to the ideal diet hiding right under your nose.Freddie KimmelEnergy Behind the Action: My Joyful Journey Through CancerBronson Dant & Natalie GrassoHealthy Lifestyles for CouplesDr. Stephen HusseyMeet & GreetThe Health Hustle Podcast 
4:10 pmClosing Comments The Health Detective Podcast 
4:30 - 6:00pmExhibitor Hall Activities Interdependence: The Power Of Connectivity In Changing ParadigmsHow can we unite diet communities to advance ancestral/evolutionary human and planet health practices?Panelists:Dr. Bill and Christina Schindler, Steven Schindler

Sunday, April 23

Time Main Stage Breakout 1 Breakout 2 VIP Breakout* Networking Lounge Podcast Booth
8:30amRegistration/Check-In Open 
Expo Hall OpenThe Exhibitor Hall will be open all day with access to all vendor booths.Pederson's Farms - Powered By Protein 
9:30amOpening Ceremonies 
9:45 -11:00amCarnivore PanelPanelists: Dr. Shawn Baker, Elizabeth Bright, Dr. Robert Kiltz, Dr. Kevin Stock, Laura Spath, Dr. Lisa WiedemanErin PowerWorkshop (3 Part): Launch Your Health Coaching BusinessWELLPOWER Podcast 
11:10am-11:50amDr. Ken BerryThe Proper Human DietBrian RichardsInfinite Ascendence - Man's Evolution With The Sun, Firelight, And SaunaDr. Guillermo RuizForgotten Discoveries of Health PioneersDr. Susan Wadia-EllsMeet & GreetWELLPOWER Podcast 
12:00-12:40pmDr. Amie HornamanThyroid, Testosterone And Insulin: The Keys To Fat LossCaroline AlanGMO and Glyphosate: What You Need to Know to Protect your HealthJennilyn GriffithsThe Gut-Brain AxisBronson Dant & Natalie GrassoMeet & Greet
12:50 - 1:30Robert SikesTurning A Passion Into A LifestyleDr. Richard KelleyThe Marketing of Prediabetes to America: How 72 Million New Patients Were Created OvernightJoe & Rachel StaufferNavigating Road Blocks On Your Keto JourneyPederson's Farms - Powered By Protein 
1:40 - 2:20pmKara CollierHow To Sustain The Benefits of Keto Long-TermChristian DrapeauThe Natural Role of Stem Cells in the BodyJodi Cohen3 Secrets to Tackle Overwhelm, Stress, and AnxietyPederson's Farms - Powered By Protein 
2:30 - 3:10pmDr. Shawn BakerMeat Based NutritionBrian SandersMoving Away From Centralized Food SystemsJ GulinelloMitochondria - How Nutrition And Lifestyle Can Influence Cellular HealthPederson's Farms - Powered By Protein 
3:20 -4:00pmDorian GreenowThe Value of Glucose and Ketone Testing for the Patient, Practitioner, and Society
4:10 - 4:30pmClosing Ceremonies 

* Sessions in the VIP Breakout room are exclusively for VIP Ticket Holders. The VIP breakout presentations will not be recorded and are not part of the Virtual Replay Pass.