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KetoCon Austin 2022 / Entrepreneur Mastermind

Want to start a Keto Business? Already have one, but want advice from Keto Business veterans?

Successful Keto Business owners will lead this special mastermind session, sharing their insights and strategies to help start or grow your Keto Business.

This session is so popular—it sells out every year!

Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to grab a good seat—we’ll have the hot coffee waiting for you.

You won’t believe how fast the time flies by! We will make sure you have a note pad & pen so you can take lots of notes!

Meet our Panel of Entrepreneurs

Evan & Lance Adler

Lance, an electrical engineering student, and Evan, a UCF grad with a bachelor's in biomedical sciences, are brothers and co-owners of LiKuid Energy, which manufactures a line of energy drinks enhanced with ketone salts.

Chris Bair

Chris and his wife Miriam started the ketogenic diet to take back control of their health, but found meal prepping and tracking macros difficult. So they created Keto Chow for themselves to make keto easy and delicious. As it turns out other people also want quick and tasty keto food! And here they are, years later with a wildly popular brand of meal replacement shakes!

Judy Cho

Judy Cho is board certified in holistic nutrition and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and holds a Psychology and Communications degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Judy is the author of Carnivore Cure, the ultimate elimination diet.

Logan Delgado

Logan Delgado, popularly know as Goody Beats on all social media channels, lost 70 pounds using the keto diet & intermittent fasting. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and a very proud husband. Logan's mission is to motivate and inspire millions of people to remember - it's never too late to become the best version of yourself!

Neil Dudley

Neil Dudley is the Vice President of the wildly popular brand, Pederson's Farms and the host of The Cowboy Perspective podcast.

Adam Schaeuble

Adam Schaeuble is a full time podcaster, podcasting business consultant, and the host of the top ranked podcast: Podcasting Business School. Adam helps frustrated podcasters to stop hearing crickets and start making money..even without sponsors or a giant audience.