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KetoCon Austin 2021 / Postpone and Reschedule Announcement

Posted: Monday, March 30, 2020

Updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

On behalf of the entire team at KetoCon headquarters, thank you for your patience over the past few weeks. We sincerely appreciate your messages of support, understanding, and encouragement.

With the “stay at home” directive and other preventive measures in place, there are no clear answers expected for quite some time. We understand how frustrating this is for everyone, and are truly sorry.

We also understand it is crucial that you have time to make important decisions and plans regarding the remainder of 2020.

With this plus the safety of all KetoCon participants in mind, we have made the decision to postpone and reschedule KetoCon 2020.

KetoCon has been rescheduled to June 11-13, 2021, at the Palmer Event Center in Austin, Texas.

Attendees' tickets to attend KetoCon 2020 will be transferred to KetoCon 2021. There is no action required to transfer tickets to the rescheduled date.

April 3, 2020 Update – Thanks for bearing with us!

Your patience in these extraordinary times has been very helpful.

We have struggled to find the right words to express our empathy for the extreme situation everyone is dealing with, and our gratitude for your support and patience. Nothing feels like enough.

The unfortunate rescheduling of KetoCon

Making the call to reschedule KetoCon has been one of the hardest decisions we have ever faced, as a company and as the individuals within it. But at the core of what we do is our concern and compassion for our amazing community. It would have been irresponsible to host an event that might put anyone at risk, just as it would have been irresponsible to wait until the last minute to alter our plan.

And so, we decided to take clear and decisive action to give you time to change your travel bookings, and to secure a date at the Palmer Center (they book out 18 months in normal conditions, and every possible reschedule date was closing up fast!).

Although we would have preferred to reschedule for a date later this year, we took the first dates available to us.

What we CAN’T do (Refunds)

We appreciate those who have reached out to us about their KetoCon attendee tickets. Though our company has only a handful of employees, and despite the volume of emails we are receiving, we want to respond in a timely manner.

Because of the nature of event planning, the revenue generated through ticket and exhibitor sales is invested into producing the event (some of which we have forfeited, as we are also not receiving refunds from our venue and contracted partners). We are unable to honor refund requests, as per our Refund Policy (attendees agreed to this when they purchased their tickets.)

We are all going through this unprecedented time together. KetoCon is not a big corporation; we are a very small team of human beings. We love this community and appreciate you understanding that, now more than ever, in order to ensure that KetoCon exists for all of us in the future, we cannot make alterations to our refund policy.

We completely empathize with your disappointment and frustration over how recent events have unfolded. These past weeks have been incredibly stressful and unpredictable for everyone across every continent, every industry, and every experience.

What we CAN do (Value Adds & Transfers)

To aid your keto journey, which we know must be going through extreme challenges in this current situation, we want to provide presentations and information you can use now.

These digital files of past and future events are provided in appreciation to Attendee ticket holders for their patience and understanding.

Transferring your KetoCon ticket

As always, Attendee ticket holders have the option to transfer tickets if they would prefer to sell or gift them. Transfers to others or to a 2022 KetoCon ticket can be done any time until May 1st of 2021. You can find the instructions on how to do that on our Refund Policy page.

Note: If you opt to transfer your ticket, access to the 2020 online events and 2021 download ticket will be granted to the new ticket holder.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.

If you have questions, we invite you to email us at or via our Contact Us form. Our social media admins will ask you to direct your questions to this email, as well. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we are able.

We wish you and your loved ones health, wellness, and peace of mind.

The KetoCon Management Team