KetoCon Austin 2020 / Bodyweight and Functional Movement Class

Join us for a 60 minute movement class for all fitness levels!

Francheska Martinez (@francheskafit) is a bodyweight and functional movement training coach, based in Austin, TX. Francheska is recognized for her signature flow integrating durability and explosive movement. She travels the US teaching her philosophy and bodyweight techniques.

During this class you will learn breath work, full body mobility, and how to cultivate mindful movement.

What to wear:

What to bring:

Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:00 am, on site at the Palmer Event Center.

Spaces are limited! To get in on this amazing class, hit the "GET TICKETS" button at the top of this page, and make sure to add the Bodyweight and Functional Movement Class (listed under Add-ons) to your Eventbrite order.